Saturday by Ian McEwan

OK so this book is not about mental health, but is still an interesting read for anyone who is interested in the brain. The book is written from the perspective of a brain surgeon and follows one day in his life. As per usual, McEwan has done his homework and spent a lot of time researching the topic with Neurosurgeons based at the National Hospital for Neurosurgery in London, and it does show. However, the amount of detail he therefore goes into does not make it a boring read, but rather a more genuine insight into what actually might go on in the mind of a brain surgeon. Because the time period over which this book is set is so short, it makes it quite a unique format in some ways. It is a fast-paced, almost stream of consciousness style of narration. Instead of the tangential and dreamy style you would perhaps typically associate with stream of consciousness narration, this is the highly disciplined mind of an intelligent, often cuttingly insightful narrator. This book really stands out from the crowd for this and many other reasons, and is definitely worth a read to find out why. Find it here!