Letters to a young scientist by Edward O. Wilson.

The amazing sociobiologist Edward O. Wilson, Pulitzer prize winner for his book On Human Nature, writes a combined autobiography and academic career advice book. Nature magazine loves it and it’s poised to become a classic in academic circles. Wilson emphasizes passion, rather than extraordinary intelligence, as the crucial characteristic of a successful scientist in any discipline. His book is written in very accessible style (as opposed to the somewhat intimidating style of P.B. Medawar in his Advice to a Young Scientist), and should provide ample inspiration to undergraduates, PhD students and faculty. Wilson joins a famous collection of scientists that have made their career into an autobiography, including Kandel in his In Search of Memory and Richard Feynman in his Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman.

If you’re keen for more Edward O. Wilson, have a look at his TED talk that preempted his book, and some more of his great talks.

Letters to a young scientist by Edward O. Wilson